Lynchs Cafe - Galway
Lynchs Cafe - Galway
Shop Street in Galway is a pleasure in itself. Everything from crusty hippies, businessmen, families and musicians all showing the signs of living the chilled Galway way of life.

Halfway down during the morning you'll get a lovely waft of an Irish breakfast yanking your nose in the direction of Lynchs cafe.

You will not be dissappointed.

Up the stairs, and there you see it all laid out for you. A lovely big cafe with two large eating areas indoors (both with tables overlooking Shop Street) and another outdoors which can be great on warmer days.

The breakfast range from big to small, but as I wanted to get a good idea of their range I went for a big one - nothing to do with greed, honest!

It was very cheap, I couldn't believe the value actually. I was shocked to find out I'd have change from a tenner when I got my mocha coffee, a separate bowl of baked beans (great idea, so they don't make everything else soggy), orange juice, toast, two sausages, two rashers, fried egg (scrambled was an option to), black pudding, white pudding and the nicest potato cake I've ever tasted.

The interior area I sat in resonated with relaxation. A group of elderly ladies at the table next to me obviously came in each Saturday - the waitress know their names and orders without then ordering. On the other side a couple each read their papers, and beyond them some tourists writing postcards - probably reporting on the breakfast.

Everything as clean, antique prints on the walls, table-clothes on the tables, friendly staff.

Well done Galway. You can't beat it.
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