Surfers hangover cure - Lahinch
Surfers hangover cure - Lahinch
So there we were, Sunday morning and not a sober head in the house. The smell of stale beer was mixing with the salty sea air and heads were woosey. Yes, it was the after-effects of a night on the tiles in Lahinch, Ireland's surfers paradise.

The only thing to solve the situation was grease, rashers, eggs and large quantities of milky tea.

Dermot drew the short straw and got the chefs hat. And what luck it was for the rest of us. He is a dab hand at the ol' greasy fry and managed to pull off a grand one that Sunday morning. We had a mix of big and small sausages (it is the photo that confirms that for me, I had thought I was still drunk and it was distortion at the time!).

While this review doesn't tell folks much about venues, it does tell you that Lahinch has a great nightlife and that you can't beat rashers and eggs as a cure for the night before.
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