Tastei Citchen, Phibsboro
Tastei Citchen, Phibsboro
The Tastei Citchen (sic) on Berkley Road in Phibsboro would hardly be offended if I were to call it a greasy spoon cafe. It is very rough and ready. The furnishing is basically just a few kitchen tables and chairs. Nothing fancy. In a way it's a throwback to a different, less multi-cultural Dublin. It was simply packed with Dubs. If you're a fan of the northsider accent you'd be in heaven here. When I say it was packed, it really was. It's a small cafe and there was standing room only when I went in this morning for my breakfast. To be honest there was one free table in the corner but I reckoned that my own table at home was nicer and since I live close by I decided on getting a breakfast roll and taking it back to my flat. The service was friendly and the girl asked me would I mind waiting about ten minutes? "That's grand," I said. "I'll just go out to the shop while I'm waiting." "No problem, love," she said. "Do you want everything on it?" "Yeah, please," I said, having my own mental picture of what "everything" would be. Seven minutes later I was back in the Citchen and my breakfast roll was waiting for me, wrapped up and bagged. Price €3.50. Again the service was nice and friendly and everything was great and I headed home with my breakfast roll and the litre of milk and newspaper from the shop looking forward to seeing what lay in store for me. I was a little surprised when I opened the plastic bag to find how sticky it was. As I peeled the tin foil off the roll I discovered the reason for this was because the roll was topped off with beans. This was the first time I've ever come across beans on a breakfast roll. Two sausages, one rasher, two large pieces of white pudding and a fried egg made up the rest of the ingredients. The roll itself was beautiful and it certainly was a very "Tastei" breakfast. However it was also the messiest breakfast that I've ever eaten with my hands. Since I was at home I was tempted to just put it out onto a plate and eat it with a knife and fork but I persisted and ate it with my hands as breakfast rolls are meant to be eaten. It certainly was tough going. The roll had been cut almost completely in half and it became unhinged and fell apart as I worked my way through it. I had to stop a couple of times to clean my fingers and mouth. Incidentially the single piece of tissue supplied with the roll wouldn't have been sufficient for this on its own and I was once again glad that I was at home. Try eating this in your car or sitting on a wall and you'll be in trouble. Once again I should point out that I have no objection to the food here. It was delicious and if served on a plate I'm sure it would have gone down easily but unfortunately I don't think beans are very practical in a breakfast roll. In future if I get another breakfast roll from the Tastei Citchen, and I think I might, I'll know what to say when they ask me if I want everything. Everything except the beans.
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